Is it me, or must everyone have problems with finals? My problem, unfortunately doesn’t reside in studying. I can study. I have studied…maybe not as much as I should have, but still. I can study efficiently. My problem exists in the sleeping factor. Right now, arguably at the worst possible time, I have songs stuck in my head on continuous loop, my room mate is snoring, tossing, and turning in bed, and small, inane facts like the realization that I need to start doing push-ups and sit-ups over winter break to counter the little pouch I’m getting around my belly button. Things just seem to fall apart at the time where I need them glued together.I’m probably not the only one, like I said in the beginning of this post. I, am most likely one of millions of kids whose basic living habits fuck them over during exams for no reason at all. I mean, I’m not even worried about the test; I just can’t sleep. I’m tired, and on any other day I’d be passed out. Speaking of passing out, I’ll try it again. Three hours of sleep would be a godsend right about now.  


Video Games and Violence.

Okay. I admit. There are video games out there that are violent, that parents of young children should avoid. I have no argument with that. In fact, denying a young child’s demand for, say, God of War, is probably the sanest thing to do. Perfectly acceptable. It would be the parents fault to concede to such wishes. My problem resides with the highbrow senators and political holy rollers who enter the limelight and tell us all that video games are bad and violent games create serial killers. It is these people who take things way to far. Over the rainbow? They shoot past the moon. Comcast’s Game Invasion just recently released a list of ten games to “boycott” for Christmas. It is perfectly understandable to release such a list. I’d agree with everything…it’s just that I can’t stand people who take their title too seriously. The adage “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” has credence here, if we only change a few words, namely switching “guns” with “video games”. I adhere to the belief that for someone to turn into a serial killer, he has to be pretty twisted to begin with. I will probably buy Gran Theft Auto: IV. That does not mean I enjoy killing human beings. What if I enjoy the way Rockstar spins a tale? What then? Am I FUBAR? Does that mean that after I play the game I will go to the local highway and toss a couple of grenades? Hell no. I realize that a game is a game, and not reality. I think that most people, by looking at the back of a game, down in the corner where the MPAA rating is located, will realize that the game isn’t meant for any age group below that which it specifies.  Rated M? It means that you shouldn’t buy it for your eight year old son. His friend’s mom bought the game? You better think twice about your kid’s friend. Or, solve the problem and nip the violent genre in the bud and get a Wii. Now that is fun for the parents and the kids. These holy-rollers and political holier-than-thou-ers want to find a way to justify the deletion of games in general. I say to them: “Consider this, you sons of gerbils, have you ever had a shitty day and just wanted to let loose in a violent way that didn’t involve manslaughter?” Maybe that isn’t the right thing to say but it serves the purpose. 

Is there life out there?

terran-planet.jpgIt’s impossible to say no, but as of yet there is no conclusive evidence that points to an affirmation. It’s a mind-boggling conundrum. There are quite possibly thousands of planets that support life, but that exist outside our range of technology, a technology that is years behind its peak. Chances are, we humans will have evolved in some fashion before extraterrestrial contact is ever made. A pity, but in my opinion, I’d rather not face a hostile alien race with technology far superior to ours. I’d rather have the superhumans of the future deal with that.