When it comes to young illustrative talent, I can look no further than 23 year old Daniel LuVisi. Devotion doesn’t cut it for him, and his ambition is monumental. So when I say, “Keep an eye out for book called LAST.MAN.STANDING,” I am giving you, readers, classmates, professors,  an opportunity to see his work come to fruition. Though not much information is available for his upcoming book, I can tell by the character concepts and the detail that has gone into each and every one of them that this book will be a success. Here is the link to his blog: Please give him a bit of your time.

Jacob Anderson


I’m shaking. In my boxers.

I just found this on wordpress’ home page. Yikes! What does this mean for my generation? A lot of guys are probably scared shitless. Click here for the article.

Hey, I just realized something!

It’s probably one of those secrets no one ever tells you about. Did you know that you can put a piece of paper over your tablet to get better results? I know. Simply amazing. That’s all for today. I think it might be time for a nap.

Alpha Inventions

Okay, this site is cool. I found out about it when my page views sky rocketed within the past couple of minutes. It’s a site that basically ties bloggers together, in real time. Pretty nifty. However, I’m wondering if people actually read the posts or if the site is just cycling through the blogs. I hope it’s the former. Here is the link to the site.

I’m up at twelve/I LIVE on the EDGE.

The only reason I’m awake rather than asleep right now is because I thought I’d get a head start in the laundry that has been sitting in the corner of my room since Sunday. Now my laundry is happily spinning in the basement, being rid of a plethora of foul smells and spills. In eighteen minutes, or at 12:48 AM, I will make my second trip down to the laundry machines to switch out my wet, clean clothes into a dryer, where they will become slightly less damp. It troubles me that I must pay for such dismal service, but if I don’t want my jeans smelling like yesterday’s half-digested burrito, this must be done on a weekly basis. Usually, it’s three bucks a week without separating the whites from the colors, but today it’s most likely going to cost me $4.50. Three bucks a week multiplied by around eighteen weeks is almost 60 dollars. That’s sixty dollars I’m paying for a service that doesn’t do much in the way of either cleaning or drying. To be perfectly honest, I think it’s a service that should just be added into the tuition.

Well, today was fun. Started off by waking up at ten thirty, and going to brunch with friends in the dining hall 4 floors below me. I had my Saturday bagelomelettewich, with bacon, American cheese, and mushrooms. Then I read some more of Tempest, staying awake by the power of caffeine. Then, after a shower, the same group of friends and I made our way to south dining hall, which turned out to be a mistake, since, not having been outside for the whole day, we didn’t have the knowledge that it was in fact freezing outside. The night degenerated into us just lounging about in one of our rooms and channel-switching on the TV. I also had a burrito at the Student Union, a choice which I am regretting now; my stomach feels awful, and I am in a room that smells like rotten eggs. Febreze is just about the only thing that is keeping me from choking to death on expelled body odors.

Ah crap. I’m really tired right now, and my laundry won’t be done till 2 AM.

Friday Late Night.

As much as I’ve come to enjoy UConn while I’ve been here, the late night activities continue to be…almost childish. It’s unfortunate, since late night is the only activity aside from clubs that UConn provides for those who don’t party. Yet when I went to late night last night, the only good thing was the food, and I wasn’t hungry. I wandered around the Union with my friends for about 20 minutes, and in those 20 minutes, I realized that there really aren’t many activities provided. There are about three activities along the hallway to the movie theater, and that’s about it. The reason for this is probably ergonomics. The lines are long and winding. Seeing them acts as a deterrent to those who want to enjoy late night, but either have a tight schedule, or who simply don’t want whatever it is late night is providing enough to wait in a line that could last a half an hour or more. We’re all college students, adults almost, and upon visiting late night, we are given activities that could have been placed in a middle school. I understand that late night occurs every Friday, and right now, the economic situation isn’t exactly conducive to a late night that could resemble a fair or carnival, but still, it is enough to drive people to stay in their dorms and drink rather than to go to late night and have some mild fun.

That’s all for right now.

Change Project.

This past week and this upcoming week have been home to an interesting department wide project at the University of Connecticut’s art school. This project was spawned from the recent inauguration of the first black president of America, Barack Obama. The requirements were relatively simple, and there were five of them.

  1. Think of something in your life that you want to change, then change it. Visually document the process.
  2. Think of something in the University that you would like to see change.
  3. Think of something in the world that you would like to see change.
  4. Research an image that epitomizes change for you.
  5. Research a text or quotation that epitomizes change for you.

The results were then tacked on the wall; the top layer was step 1 the layers below proceeded in numeric fashion. Then, art students were tasked to tack constructive criticism or comments on the images that spoke to them the most. What was left is something definitely worth checking out. For those of you who don’t attend the University of Connecticut, you can visit the accompanying website here.

I might also say that today marks the first weekend of the Spring Semester. Hopefully y’all have fun, and practice safety, like me, as I sit here and type at the computer and look at webcomics and laugh aloud when there’s no one in the room. But then, most of you are or are starting to get wasted, and if that’s the case, play safely and cover your drink.