I’m a college student in Connecticut right now. Life has gotten both easier and harder; hardships come by far less frequently, and stress is never an issue. It’s amazing in college; the amount of freedom granted to students rivals actual life. In certain respects, these four years will be the best years of my life, and quoted from a family friend, “Life then just goes down the shitter.”

I like to write, draw, play the guitar; however, I am no renaissance man, since I am no good at arithmetic. Oh, I’m rather addicted to the television show “Heroes” and often dream of self-propelled flight. Guess that’s normal, or near it. Whatever. If it isn’t I don’t care all that much.


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  1. I happened upon your site due to a google alert I have for rat terriers. I think you are right, the college years may very well be the best years of your life. A lot of people aged 18-22 do not understand that and fail to enjoy college life to its ultimate limit. I am glad you get it and I hope you have fun….btw, be sure to live through it.


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