Hey, I just realized something!

It’s probably one of those secrets no one ever tells you about. Did you know that you can put a piece of paper over your tablet to get better results? I know. Simply amazing. That’s all for today. I think it might be time for a nap.


What do I write about?

I think this strikes a chord in every blogger’s mentality. There comes a point where you’re empty. In my case, I went dry pretty quickly. Sometimes the motivation is just not there, no matter what you do about it. Click the picture for a larger view.

Magic tricks

I finally had some creative juices flowing. I haven’t used my tablet in ages, and it shows. However, I thought this up pretty quick, because making a card disappear is harder than it looks. Please click on the comic to enlarge it.

The fire and the water

So, kids, don’t forget the water when you’re cooking your Easy Mac. Enjoy the comic.

Fire and Water

Can’t we just be friends?

The most dreaded phrase ever. I mean, picture it. Your former flame is standing there with her new boyfriend, and she tells you that you ought to be friends. Honestly, that’s never going to happen, the awkwardness will continue to stay there, lingering behind a veil of mist that you can only realize out of the corner of your eyes.

Well, enjoy:


Relationships Suck.

Problems come and go, but the ones that suck are often centered around relationships. That said, enjoy my comic. Problematic